How do I measure my dog's chest for the 'Rocket' harness?

Dear dog lover,

Please measure your dog's chest size carefully before ordering our Rocket harness. This saves you the hassle of unsuitable crockery and also protects the environment, since we don't have to send back and forth unnecessarily.

You will find a table with the exact sizes and the respective centimeters under each tableware in our shop. All you have to do is scroll down.

Now stand your dog up straight and note the point that is 2 fingers behind your dog's shoulder. This is where the chest strap of your harness should sit optimally. 

ATTENTION: With large dogs it can be a little more, namely up to a hand wide. Make sure that your measuring point is in front of the last ribs - this can prevent your harness from slipping behind the rib cage and no longer sitting in the right place. 

Now put your measuring tape on exactly and measure the centimetres. If you don't have a tape measure at hand, we recommend that you take a cord, a belt or a dog leash, put it around your dog's chest at the appropriate point and then place it on a folding ruler or ruler. 

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